Lower Total Cost

Graphite Mold Casting vs. Other Processes

Graphicast‘s process yields lower acquisition cost for production volumes of 100 to 20,000 parts per year.

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Innovative Metal Casting Services

For Better Parts, and a Better Bottom Line

When OEMs and product engineers need metal parts and components, quality, speed, and cost are always a factor. But all too often, they’re forced to make a choice. Quality at the cost of speed? Speed at the cost of quality? Quality and speed at the cost of the bottom line?

At Graphicast, we make it our mission to offer it all: better parts, with a faster turnaround, at a lower cost.

To do that, we’ve spent 40 years innovating the metal casting process through the combination of Zinc-Aluminum (ZA-12) Alloy, our proprietary low-turbulence, auto-fill casting process, and permanent graphite molds ideal for production volumes ranging from 100 to 20,000 parts.

Contact us today to see if our process will work for your parts, application, or timeline.

Our Advantage

Better materials, better processes, and better parts means you receive a rapid turnaround and a lower total acquisition cost.

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Custom Metal Castings

Graphicast’s innovative process allows for rapid turnaround—going from design to samples in 4 to 6 weeks.

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Cost Estimator Tool

Looking for a “ballpark” estimate of costs? We’ve got you covered. Try out our Cost Estimator Tool and see how we can provide a lower total acquisition cost.

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