Graphicast: Low and medium volume contract manufacturing and machining company

Providing low and medium volume contract manufacturing services for smaller production runs

In today’s world of niche products, mass customization,  and constant product updating, finding short run or low volume manufacturing  capability is becoming a more important factor in getting product to market quickly and economically.  Getting from CAD model to product is a requirement regardless of  the size of the production run. That’s where Graphicast’s graphite mold casting process can help. Graphite molds are an economical choice for low volume production. A few thousands of dollars, not tens of thousands, for production tooling ready in weeks, not months.

Low Volume Manufacturing for New Part Productions

If you’re introducing a new product subject to changes in demand and design, we can quickly modify the mold to change the casting.  We can incorporate much of the part geometry into the casting, minimizing secondary machining. The natural speed and design of our casting process is optimized for low to medium production rates.