Metal Casting Services by Graphicast

Delivering Precision Cast Parts and Cost Savings for over 40 Years

For over 40 years, Graphicast has worked to become a leading provider of custom metal casting for OEM’s that require precision, cost savings, and rapid time to market. But for us, the promise of a better bottom-line doesn’t come at the cost of quality or speed.

We offer both by combining our proprietary metal casting technique with the surface finish, mechanical qualities, and machinability of zinc-aluminum (ZA-12) alloy. The result is an economical alternative to traditional casting processes and materials that doesn’t sacrifice quality or time to market—all while eliminating many costs associated with prototyping, machining, and secondary finishing.

Learn more about our innovative casting technology, our cost-saving design and rapid prototyping service, and our secondary machining and finishing capabilities below.

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