The Intrinsic Value of Bad Show Food – Design 2 Part Marlborough MA November 4&5

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The economy being what it is these days, there have been questions about how good show attendance will be.  Do people still have jobs?  If they do, is enough staff in the office to “squeak” out and get to a show?  Or is it the opposite, is it so slow people attend because it beats pretending to work all day?   Will those people have any $ to kick off a project?

Getting out there, seeing what’s new, different or flat out better is so important.  Making connections face to face and “seeing it” as opposed to “looking at it” from the screen at your desk has a value much greater than the mileage check and reimbursement for that over priced, over cooked, tasteless piece of pizza you’re going to grab at the show.

The Design 2 Part show in Marlborough Massachusetts was GREAT…!!!  I arrived yesterday at the Best Western Royal Plaza Trade Center and it was packed (see my tweet from the show).  There were very few slowdowns in foot traffic. In fact, attendees were walking the show mostly right ’til the end.  The mood was upbeat, connections were being made, and it might have been one of our best shows for leads taken in.  It sure looked like a economic recovery to me.  I had a chance to talk to one of the show personnel (the D2P  people are always great to work with), and she said they had over 1700 attendees walk through the door, and with a few hours left, would certainly hit their goal of 1800 people.

If you had a snapshot of this show you would be hard pressed to say there was an economic slowdown here.  How have your shows been?  What have you seen at the shows you’ve been to?  Let me know what you’re seeing and what shows you’re going to next so I can see you there…!