Graphicast: Options for Low Volume Production

News Viewpoint

Today’s market needs are constantly changing and expanding. While some parts need to be produced at mass volume, more niche products require smaller, more concentrated orders. To meet consumer needs, such products need to be easily – and quickly – updated, and amidst the many market shifts and evolutions of the last decade, customization has gone from being a buzzword to a key indicator of market success.

While some bigger organizations will always need to work with high volume orders, an increasing number of companies are looking for options regarding low volume production – about 10k to 20k – and medium volume production. In this arena, Graphicast’s innovative approach is uniquely suited for the needs of our partners.

Low Volume Needs for a Shifting Future

Sometimes a company is selling a niche product, with a specific goal that requires a low volume production. Other times, a company might want to do a low volume order simply so that future production can be open for customizations, updates, and other changes. Regardless of the goal, Graphicast’s graphite mold casting process is ideally designed to meet your low volume needs fast, efficiently, and with a lower overhead cost than competing processes.

Because of the price and efficiency advantages of graphic mold casting, there is no need to throttle back a high rate process or raise costs just to make a low volume or medium volume order. This makes it easy for Graphicast to deliver a production run that meets the number you require, instead of forcing you to pay extra to get extra inventory that uses up extra space and/or does not fit a company’s goal.

Graphicast Gets Results

By employing the graphite mold casting processes of Graphicast, a company saves thousands of dollars on production costs and can expect production tooling to be delivered not in months, but in weeks. With Graphicast, you can expect complex and high-quality parts to be delivered faster, smoother, more efficiently, and in a number that matches your production needs.