Graphicast: What to Look for in a Manufacturing Partner

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Finding the right company to meet your casting and manufacturing needs can be an immense challenge. While all companies make big promises, not every company delivers equal results. The right advertising can make the wrong company seem like a sure bet, if one does not first take the time to vet their experience, longevity, and sincerity in delivering the best casting and manufacturing product that money can buy.

This is why Graphicast does not simply assume loyalty – we build that trust, year after year, through exceptional results, lower overhead costs, and a proven method that keeps customers coming back. As a company prices out their needs, knowing what to look for in a manufacturing partner will get you ahead of the game, every time. Here are the reasons that Graphicast always delivers.

Experience Matters, and So Do Results

When deciding which company will best meet your manufacturing needs – and more importantly, deciding whether to continue partnering with that company, in the future – the most important foundation of any partnership is trust. That means a manufacturing company needs to have proven experience, showing that it can give you the results you need, and it also means that they need to strive for open, honest communication at all times.

In these regards, Graphicast meets both necessities. As a small business, operating in a 13,200 square foot facility in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire, Graphicast prides itself on real, genuine communication, transparency, and taking care of our own. Since 1996, Graphicast has been an ESOP company, with all employees sharing ownership, meaning that every person involved is also invested in the success of the company, the parts, and the partners. When it comes to experience, Graphicast has been operating since 1978, and grown to become the preeminent company in the development of graphite mold casting technology for precision metal parts for OEMs. This technology allows for high-quality goals to be met faster, more efficiently, and with better quality. Decades of experience is one thing, but decades of success is another, and Graphicast delivers on each count.

The Graphicast Advantage

The Graphicast Advantage is the Graphicast promise — and that’s high-quality manufacturing, done right, done fast, with no corners cut and lower overhead costs. Every project, large or small, will be met with the same precise, efficient, and methodical approach. Every partner, no matter the industry, is treated with respect, honesty, and communication. These are the qualities that any company should look for in a manufacturing partner, and these are the same values that Graphicast prides itself on.