Apple Pie and Continuous Improvement

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I found out in today’s Concord Monitor that I baked the 4th best pie in their pie baking contest. The top five got their recipes highlighted, so my ego was somewhat satisfied, but I would have been more satisfied if I had finished 1st. However, it was my first entry, so I can’t complain.

My pie baking started several years ago as I began my quest for the perfect apple pie. After much research into apple pie filling recipes, pie crust recipes, thickener chemistry, and baking temperature opinions, I started down the path. Many pies later, I’ve got it down to a science. I weigh my ingredients to ensure consistency. I’ve settled on the right combination of apples to give the proper structure and apple flavor permeation.  My wife, who never ate the crust, devours mine. Yet, I still keep my eyes open to new suggestions. I still try recipe variations. I am still  searching for perfection.

I’m on a continuous improvement program for my pies, just as we are for your castings at Graphicast. We’re always looking to improve our process, finding better techniques to manufacture your parts, upgrading our measuring equipment, and training on new software.  Just like the quest for pie baking perfection, manufacturing perfection is a goal that may never be reached, but that doesn’t stop us or frustrate us. We take satisfaction knowing that we’re getting closer every day.

Happy Thanksgiving.  If you’d like to try my pie recipe,  look for the pie link on the Monitor’s homepage under Extra Information.