Casting Design – We Have An App For That

When a part design comes in for us to quote, most of the time I receive it to process.  I pull the part file in, log it and review it for manufacturability.  I have done this for a while and I’m rarely surprised at what people are trying to manufacture, but do enjoy seeing the creativity and uniqueness in each design.

More often than not, Graphicast receives part designs to be produced on a CNC machine (if this sounds familiar please look into our DRPS  program).  This scenario can build into the part costly to produce features and design intent.  Once imbedded in the design, these can affect other parts, if not the overall functionality of the unit the part is in.  Far too often, the final manufacturing process is not considered during this early design phase and real problems like space, cost, functionality, and manufacturability become serious issues downstream.  It’s these same problems that caused Albert Einstein to have the hair he had.

Good designs don’t just happen, they are carefully thought out.

Ok, I might not have an “App” for casting design, but I welcome any casting design questions you have.  I would be glad to help, discuss or review any design or manufacturability situations you find yourself in.  Please feel free to contact me directly (sales@graphicast) or respond to this blog so that others can learn from you insight as well.

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