Unconscious Competence

Last night, I attended the Boston Symphony Orchestra open rehearsal. The renowned cellist, Yo Yo Ma, was the soloist.  Watching and listening to him, I couldn’t help but notice his ever present smile, his attentiveness to the orchestra and the conductor, his engagement with the music, his absolute joy in playing the music of Haydn. He wasn’t looking at his fingers, or overtly thinking about how to play the cello. He was displaying unconscious competence. He wasn’t focused on the mechanics of playing. He was focused on communication with the audience and orchestra and interpretation of the composer’s intent.

I’d like to think that when you work with Graphicast, we are also displaying unconscious competence. We’re not focused on learning how to design and manufacture a part. We do it so well, we can move beyond that  in our awareness. We’re focused on communicating with you and trying to interpret your design intent into a casting that is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and execution. If  we do our best for you and you tell us we are the Yo Yo Ma of casting, we’ll know what you mean.