I Got The RUB From Social Networking

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Since teaming up with Aleuromedia , Graphicast has been working on our social media platform. This stuff can be time consuming, so I was a bit skeptical at first.

Since getting involved in the project, I’ve come to realize that with social media, it’s not success with the individual parts, but it’s all the parts working together that make it worthwhile. The whole thing works because of connectivity; no one source, site or event is the total answer.

Graphicast was establishing our Sales Representatives on LinkedIn. One of them, a contact of mine, had updated her profile. I looked at the update and noticed she was connected to someone at the 2D Ranch Jerky company. Through LinkedIn, I ended up on their website. 2D Ranch Jerky makes custom jerky, seasonings, rubs, salts and marinades. With food being a popular topic in the office, I pointed this out to a co-worker. After about five minuets of looking at their product, we had talked ourselves into buying some rubs. What’s this, a sale through social media….?

If you’re not out there, you’re not connecting. If you’re not connecting, you might just not get the RUB.