The Future of Manufacturing

Our Perspective

wo interesting manufacturing focused reports came out this week. The National Association of Manufacturers published their assessment of strategies and policies necessary for the health and growth of manufacturing in the United States. The Alliance for American Manufacturing revealed a survey conducted among likely voters of their thoughts on the value and importance of manufacturing to our economy. The voters see manufacturing as a critical aspect of our economy’s strength and important to the vitality of our nation. The NAM report cites a number of national policies critical to sustaining a manufacturing base. Both studies point to the need for consistent, national policies amined at providing stability and support to the manufacturing environment. Both studies also imply a decidely poor response from our federal government in supplying that stability. Republicans were seen by the voters to be worse than the Democrats, which is telling given the Republican’s normally pro-business persona. The voters get it, the manufacturing associations get it. When is the government going to get it?