Get a Quick Cost Estimate with Graphicast’s “Ballparker’ Application

Graphicast has added a new feature to our website – the Price Ballparker. This tool will give you a quick estimate of the cost of a machined casting just by entering the volume of your part, the estimated production lot size, and then comparing your part to photos of easy, moderate, and difficult to machine parts. That’s it. The Ballparker tool determines these costs based on mathematical modeling of the various production steps of thousands of production runs of parts at Graphicast. We’re able to give you a reasonable estimate of costs just by entering the information and comparing your part to the most similar part in our model. If your part is considerably smaller or larger than the parts shown, the model is less accurate. Just go to the Engineering and Design pull down menu to access the estimator. Please contact us with any questions you may have or if you want us to look at your part in more detail for a more accurate quotation.