Musings on the Election

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Being a manufacturer and the owner of a company, I should be in the perfect demographic category for being a Republican. The Republicans lost me a decade ago. The Republicans went from being pragmatic problem solvers, with a Main Street business mentality and little concern about what you did in your personal relationships, to fiscally reckless moralists who want to control your personal life. They say they want smaller, less intrusive government, but want to legislatively impose a morality at odds with most of the country. Increasingly, they cannot put forth a message that resonates with the country in national elections, are having trouble in statewide elections, and are only able to capture voters in isolated congressional districts. Hence, they lost the Presidential election, lost Senate seats, and lost some congressional seats, only able to keep control of the House through gerrymandered congressional districts. It’s not that I am a through and through Democrat, I just find the current day Democrats more realistic problem solvers than the current day Republicans.

I have a suggestion for the Republicans – split the party and come back to your roots. Let the radical wing nuts form their own party. They can call it the Tea Party, the Arrogant Know it All Party, or whatever suits them. They will be happier and the moderate Republicans won’t agonize over trying to coddle the vocal minority. The new Republican party will actually recognize problems, not ignore them, and offer prudent,  moderate, rational, pragmatic solutions to problems.  Many independents will join them. Many moderate Democrats will join them. Many lapsed Republicans will join them. They will offer real alternatives to our nation’s issues. They will stay out of our bedrooms and doctor’s offices. They will start to win elections and begin to rebuild themselves as a respected voice in the national dialogue.

Without some change to the tone and substance of their message, I think the Republicans will become increasingly irrelevant. I, for one, do not want a one party monopoly. Please come back.