4 Key Advantages to Using a Graphite Mold Casting Service


Since 1978, Graphicast has risen to become the leader in graphite mold casting services. Our commitment to the graphite mold process is based on a solid understanding that, we/Graphicast can offer a more economical alternative to more traditional and better known casting techniques, while still meeting maximum quality and industry standards. The true value of graphite mold casting technology cannot be understated. Whether your custom metal casting needs are simple or complex, here are four key advantages that this technology holds when compared to its competition.

A Graphite Mold Casting Service Brings Huge Time Savings

Companies that work with Graphicast report significant time savings, and the advantages of graphite mold casting are a big reason why. A graphite mold can be produced weeks faster than a die casting mold, and the average turnaround time from a finished CAD design to a production parts is a little over a month. Time is money, and when you add in the higher quality and overall efficiency of graphite mold casting compared to other processes, these savings soon become exponential.

The Cost Savings Are Even Better

The amount of time saved by using graphite mold casting is impressive enough. The financial savings, though, are truly lucrative. A high-quality graphite mold costs just one-fifth the amount of a die cast mold. That’s a big deal.

Better Control, Better Finished Product

Graphicast knows how to get the best results. Our graphite mold is designed to eliminate turbulence and reduce porosity. A process controller tightly governs temperature and cycle time. The result of this, then, is a more stable casting, shot to shot.

Less Risk, More Reward

A graphite mold casting service spurs innovation. It allows companies to try new approaches, make quicker improvements, and fine tune products with considerably lower financial risk. Low overhead means more chances. Better results lead to better savings. Because of our graphite mold casting service, companies who work with Graphicast report saving thousands of dollars a year, and that’s a big part of why graphite mold casting is the way of the future.