The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Small Manufacturing


As America’s foremost graphite mold casting service, Graphicast always stays ahead of the curve. Experience and experimentation go hand in hand. That’s why Graphicast strives to employ cutting-edge new technology to achieve astounding new results.

One of Graphicast’s newest upgrades is the addition of Protected Flow Manufacturing (PFM) technology from LillyWorks, which contains A.I. predictive analytics. This provides Graphicast with an execution plan, based on the optimal mix of products and resources, that will maximize timing and minimize delays. In recent years, this sort of artificial intelligence has been making a huge impact within the small manufacturing space, and here’s why.

Protected Flow Manufacturing, Explained

Graphicast was one of the first companies to adopt Protected Flow Manufacturing, entirely because the benefits made themselves so clear and so quickly. Utilizing the Predictor, the AI predictive analytics tool provided by Protected Flow Manufacturing, Graphicast is now able to monitor production requirement information, place it alongside capacity knowledge, and thus make accurate predictions regarding shop output, weeks — to months — in advance.

For instance, Graphicast’s innovative custom metal casing process is known for producing volumes containing up to 20,000 parts. With the Predictor, Graphicast is now able to see, months ahead of time, if a shipment will be late, thereby allowing for rapid adjustments, order expeditions from the customers, and so on. This ensures more accurate deadlines, a more thorough understanding of what it takes to meet such deadlines, and the ability to foresee any potential changes. Artificial intelligence is the key ingredient that makes this all work.

Artificial Intelligence is the Next Big Step for Small Manufacturers

Time is money. By predicting the future though powerful simulations, AI-powered technologies, such as the Predictor, changed the game in a major way, making it easier to adjust schedules to meet needs. Thanks to Protected Flow Manufacturing, time is not wasted. Completion dates are predicted accurately. Risks are monitored, challenges are foreseen, and work is never released too early or too late. This process ensures customer satisfaction, and for Graphicast, that’s the most important thing of all.