The Impact of Coronavirus on Small Manufacturing


In just a few weeks, Covid-19 has changed everything. From the way that people interact, to people’s livelihoods, to the general shutting down of the economy itself, the overall portrait of the United States is hardly recognizable compared to the relaxed atmosphere everyone knew not so long ago.

As social distancing asserts itself as a necessary precaution to prevent further spread of the virus — and thus, to save lives — every industry in the nation has been impacted. While many lines of work have been closed off, though, others remain essential. Small manufacturers like Graphicast are still pushing forward: This ensures that essential needs are met, while also taking all the necessary precautions to help the nation recover.

Why Graphicast’s Work Matters

Being a small, local graphite mold casting service, it might be easy to overlook the importance of Graphicast. When you examine the big picture, though, some key details become clear. The most significant fact is this: Almost 70% of Graphicast’s sales are to manufacturers of medical diagnostic equipment. For each of these customers, Graphicast is often the sole supplier of the customized components they buy, as well as the only company that could provide these components with the skill and efficiency these companies require. Halting production could create a devastating snowball effect, which would affect everything from the medical industry to the common person.

That’s why Graphicast plans to keep going. Luckily, the blueprints are in place to ensure that no unnecessary risks are taken, and employees are protected throughout this dangerous time.

With Precautions in Place, Graphicast Will Power Ahead

Because the components that Graphicast makes are so important, Graphicast itself has to keep the lights on as the Covid-19 crisis continues. Luckily, as a small manufacturer, Graphicast has some built-in advantages for a situation like this one. While the nature of this work can’t be done from home, Graphicast has a large facility that is big enough to allow for social distancing. In fact, when our employees are working on the floor, they must stand between eight and ten feet apart at all times — even further than the distance recommended by the CDC. These factors ensure a particularly low risk of infection.

As a result, Graphicast has been lucky enough to keep going through the Covid-19 crisis, not only to provide the essential components to all our customers, but also to keep society running through this strange time. Not every company has been so lucky. However, by joining forces for the same cause, respecting social distancing advice from the experts, being cautious at all times, and all working toward the same goals, we can ensure that there will be a light at the end of this dark tunnel.