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Next week, October 26 – 28, I’ll be at Synergy Resources’ User Conference in Providence to talk about our success with the shop floor scheduling system we use. For those who have read “The Goal“, Eli Goldratt’s business novel about a factory that increases throughput and cuts inventory, you would recognize our schedule. The whole system is based on Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints. Consistent with lean principles, Theory of Constraints looks to continually identify areas of your operation that “constrain” your output , so you can focus efforts on relieving that constraint to free up capacity. Our constraint was procedural, as opposed to a piece of equipment slowing us down. Once we applied the new scheduling concept, our lead times dropped by 75%, freeing up a lot of capacity for growth and making us much more responsive to your needs. We’re already seeing a lot of rush orders, and are ready for the recovery. We hope to see you with us as we move back into the light of economic growth.