Economy Recovering in the Mountain States


Graphicast participated at the AMCON Show in Denver, held in the spacious and modern Colorado Convention Center.  Upon arriving at the Center, we were greeted by a menacing 40 foot “Blue Bear”  statue which appeared to be peaking into the Convention Center.  The 10,000 pound bear is made up of 4,000 interlocking triangles!

It could be another ride on the economic recovery roller coaster, but it was refreshing to meet a number of visitors to our booth who are working on new part designs with a casting process in mind. Two of the visitors stated that their companies have made a decision to move manufacturing back to the USA from China.  The rising cost to manufacture there, coupled with the high scrap rate and supply chain management costs, triggered the move.

Many of the small business exhibitors expressed a continuing lack of confidence in a sustained economic recovery. Even with this caution, the consensus was that things are clearly better.  The activity at this trade show certainly supports this.