Graphicast Installs New Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)


Graphicast cares about customer service. When it comes to serving the unique needs of every customer, accuracy and precision aren’t just buzzwords — they are absolute requirements. Since 1978, Graphicast has been committing to using only the highest quality graphite mold casting technology to produce precision metal parts: as the field becomes more advanced, and demand only increases, Graphicast’s future-thinking commitment to customers requires investments, creativity, and innovation. To meet these goals, Graphicast is proud to announce the installation of a new CMM — a coordinate measuring machine — in place of the one that has loyally served customers for the past fifteen years.

Why does this matter? Because when it comes to the highly specific parts that Graphicast works with, a new CMM will ensure even greater accuracy and precision than before, on a long-term basis. The cutting edge technology in this machine allows for a Graphicast operator to program the device in conjunction with each part’s specific production and inspection plan, no matter how complex it may be: once programmed, the CMM can be used by any operator, any time, and maintain the same perfect production and inspection procedures, automatically. That ensures zero defects, fast deliveries, and precision of the sort that Graphicast prides itself upon.

A new CMM is a substantial investment, and it is also a clear demonstration of Graphicast’s commitment to continuous improvement, high quality, and superior customer service. As Graphicast pushes into the future, this dedication to every customer’s unique needs, every time, will only grow stronger.